Why 800 Calories Instead of 500 on the New hCG Diet Protocol?

HCG Diet Weight Loss Doctors are the first in 50 years to publish a medically updated and modernized version of Dr. Simeons original hCG Diet Protocol from their years of research and hands on patient care experience. Their goal with this protocol revision was to achieve higher standards and provide a safer and more tolerable program for their patients. The new protocol suggests that a less than 800 calorie daily allowance has shown to have equivalent and /or similar weight loss results than the original 500.


By definition, "starvation mode" occurs when you consume less than 800 calories daily. When the body is lacking adequate nutrition, normally the body will go into "starvation mode" and store your fat. However, if HCG is taken daily while on a less than 800 calorie diet, the hypothalamus gland in the brain is triggered to release abnormal fat, at 500, 600, 700+ calories.....and deliver those calories back into the body to utilize as nutrition instead of storing it. However, be careful not to exceed 800 calories because the mechanism to release the fat will not be effective. Our doctors are comfortable by managing their patient's daily diet around 725-750 calories. The dieter does not need to only consume 500 calories per day.

The calorie increase is one of many improvements that have helped their patients tolerate a low calorie diet without the feeling of hunger, weakness and fatigue, not only because prescribed RX hCG (125 IU's) delivers up to 2000 calories per day from your own fat reserve for the body to utilize as energy, but also the body is utilizing an additional 300 calories, most of which is protein. As we all know, protein burns fat and assists in curbing the appetite. Many other areas of the protocol just to name a few have been updated such as more food choices, continuing prescription medications, taking multi-vitamins, eating breakfast, infusing B12 in the hCG for added energy and prescription hCG is now available in sublingual drops.

Our group of doctors found underlying health conditions in many patients because they require blood testing prior to prescribing hCG. Some of the health conditions found include type 2 Diabetes, elevated PSA (prostate) levels, auto immune disorders and kidney and liver problems, all of which were unknown to the patient. It is crucial to be properly monitored by a physician when starting the hCG diet or any restricted calorie diet. We urge you to read the New Protocol Book before you start hCG therapy and make sure you are monitored by a physician that prescribes pharmaceutical100% real hCG hormone. Please get yourself educated and lose weight safely!

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