Why Did We Revise the Original hCG Diet Protocol?

By Sonia Russell, LPN
For over 4 years, our team of medical professionals have studied the effects of hCG weight loss therapy with our patients. About 3 years ago, we decided to improve the already successful “original” 500 calorie VLCD because the concern from many physicians has been the restricted 500 calorie daily allowance. Recently in the news and on many popular morning talk shows, the hCG diet has been stirring up quite a bit of debate as to its safety. Harvard and Yale professors have been making very harsh statements advising against the hCG diet entirely. The large majority of MD's that practice traditional weight loss do not treat their weight management patients with hCG therapy because they feel it is unsafe at 500 calories per day. There are very few doctors nationally that prescribe the real hormone to their patients. Here is an example, I was in St. Louis. MO 3 weeks ago on a radio show interview and couldn't believe that there are no physicians in the entire city that prescribe hCG. I'm not talking about the drops sold over the counter for $29 or online that local medi-spas advertise that don’t require a doctors’s written prescription and supervision. Those are out there in abundance.

It is incredible the amount of physicians that are contacting us to obtain a copy of our 800 calorie protocol and many are beginning to implement the new protocol in their weight loss facilities. The obesity epidemic in America is outrageous. We feel our protocol will help more Americans lose weight safely because more doctors will begin to prescribe our safer physician updated method.
We have added breakfast, vitamins/minerals, more calories and protein and continue the patient on their current prescription medications. In addition, there is an abundance of informative health and medical related hCG diet information and tips written by our medical professionals. We are pleased to be responsible for medically updating the “original” hCG diet protocol that has now been brought into the 21st century standards of accepted medical practice.

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